Sales Department

Michael Thyken - Sales Manager

Michael Thyken

Sales Manager
Phone: 541-647-5151
Pat Berry - Sales Associate

Pat Berry

Sales Associate
Phone: 541-647-5151
Bringing Smiles and rides for over 25 years
Jake Charters - Sales Associate

Jake Charters

Sales Associate
Phone: 541-647-5151
Jack Menefee - Sales

Jack Menefee

Phone: 541-647-5151

Service Department

Jeff Raszler - Parts and Service Director

Jeff Raszler

Parts and Service Director
Phone: 541-647-5151
Growing up I wasn’t allowed to ride motorcycles… I would sneak rides At the neighbor’s house and would wreck a bike every time I would Get close to them…. As an adult, I learned how to ride motorcycles and power sports have been my hobby and career. I started in the this industry around 1995 as a snowmobile rental guide… then progressed To a mechanic in training, working with Arctic Cats and John Deere equipment. 23 years later, I am still choose to be in this industry both as a career and a hobby. Also received Sportsman of the year award while acting director of the California/Oregon Snowmobile Racing Association. I have owed approximately 30 different motorcycles and atvs.. I can’t guess how many different bikes, sleds, atvs, I have ridden over the year.. But I would guess well into the ten thousands… and I still get a thrill every time I ride….
Garrett Palahniuk - Service Writer

Garrett Palahniuk

Service Writer
Phone: 541-647-5151
Vince Lindsey - Service Writer

Vince Lindsey

Service Writer
Phone: 541-647-5151
Vince grew up in the Willamette Valley, and began riding at the age of 7. He's been an avid enthusiast ever since owning a variety of both street, and dirt bikes. After living in So Cal he moved to Central Oregon in 2002. He and his girlfriend Suzanne love exploring the many trail riding opportunities that CO has to offer
Cody Smith - Technician

Cody Smith

Phone: 541-647-5151
Patrick Russell - Technician

Patrick Russell

Phone: 541-647-5151
Patrick grew up in a motorcycle family. Learned how to ride at 7 years old, he has always had at least 1 motorcycle in his possession since he was a teenager. Been working in the powersports industry since 1989, been Road Racing in Willow Springs for a few years. Married for 17 years with a son.
Zack Smith - Technician

Zack Smith

Phone: 541-647-5151
Matt Tipton - Technician

Matt Tipton

Phone: 541-647-5151
Spencer Gorman - Lot Porter

Spencer Gorman

Lot Porter
Phone: 541-647-5151

Parts Department

Laurelle Wood - Parts Manager

Laurelle Wood

Parts Manager
Phone: 541-647-5151
Jeff Mathews - Parts Proffesional

Jeff Mathews

Parts Proffesional
Phone: 541-647-5151
Jeff grew up in La pine, Oregon; he has 6 brothers and a sister. He started riding his bicycle without training wheels at the age of 2. His mom and dad bought him his first motorcycle at the age of 3. He loves being out on the track or at the Dunes. Last year he had a son, Mason. He has a Rottweiler Mix named Jaxson and he enjoys spending time outdoors especially if his motorcycles are involved. Jeff is dedicated to providing the best customer service to all Pro Caliber Customers.
Maddie Austad - SHipping and recieving Clerk

Maddie Austad

SHipping and recieving Clerk
Phone: 541-647-5151
Lee Ries - Parts Associate

Lee Ries

Parts Associate
Phone: 541-647-5151
Hired in early 2018, Lee brings a handful of years of motorcycle industry experience to Pro Caliber Motorsports. Lee's positive attitude, extensive parts knowledge and commitment to taking excellent care of our customers makes him a valuable asset to the company.
Josh Filben - Parts

Josh Filben

Phone: 541-647-5151

Administrative Staff

Dan Hollingsworth - General Manager

Dan Hollingsworth

General Manager
Phone: 541-647-5131
Born and raised right here in Central Oregon with over 30 years Motorsports experience and enthusiasm. Dan is an avid motorsports enthusiast and rider and is dedicated to ensuring that all ProCaliber customers have a great experience. Live, Ride, Buy Local !!
Kim Kirkpatrick - GM Assistant

Kim Kirkpatrick

GM Assistant
Phone: 541-647-5151